Due to the busy everyday life it can happen that you do not have time for healthy and tasty cooking, or that you’ve planned dinner with friends or family and you have no cooking inspiration. At Princess we find it important to take time for your meals and enjoy them with good company. We believe that these moments are to slow down and to take time for yourself and each other. Probably you prefer to do this with something tasty on the table and we are happy to help you with that. Guided by this belief we launched “Cookwithprincess”. A website full of the best recipes from our chefs, all easy to prepare with the Princess kitchen equipment.

What can you find on this website?

Everyone deserves time to slow down and fully enjoy the moment. Not only in the evening at family dinner but at any time of the day. Our products and daily life are intertwined, our products are there when you make breakfast, lunch or dinner. With this recipe website we offer you a new extension to the kitchen in addition to our products and we have kept every kitchen prince (ss) in mind. Our recipes vary in level and suit different lifestyles so there is always a match with you. To help you get inspiration quickly, we have arranged the recipes for you. You can search for recipes with the Princess products, for which course you want to make something or by typing in a keyword.

Smart technology

Smart technology is becoming more advanced and increasingly important in kitchens. Princess and Cookwithprincess are joining forces when it comes to this topic. Recently the Princess Smart Aerofryer has been launched, with which you can prepare dishes properly with just one click at a button. Do you want to know more about this product?

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Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes we are working on Cookwithprincess with a whole team. In this team we have cooks for the recipes, food stylists to ensure that it also looks good on images and photographers who capture it. In addition, we have enthusiastic content staff who ensures that all recipes appear on this website.