Fried chicken


10 min


10 min


Frying pan
2 chicken breasts
50 g flour
10 g paprika powder
10 g chili powder
2 eggs
1 lemon
Dried rosemary
50 g bread-crumbs


  1. Cut the chicken into pieces (around 10 pieces a breast)
  2. Mix the flour, paprika powder, bread-crumbs and chili powder in a bowl.
  3. Beat the eggs with a whisk.
  4. First put the chicken in the eggs and then put the eggs in the flour.
  5. Fry the chicken for 10-13 minutes at 160 degrees.
  6. Let the chicken drain on some paper towel and sprinkle with rosemary and salt.
  7. Cut the lemon into segments. Serve the chicken with the lemon.

Your fried chicken is ready, enjoy!

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