Cheese fondue (white wine and cheese)



15 min


300 grams of Ementhaler
400 grams Gruyere
4 glasses of dry white wine
1 liqueur glass Kirsch
1 clove of garlic
Pepper pinch of nutmeg
little bit of salt
25 grams of cornstarch
1 cup of water


  1.  Rub the pan with the garlic clove; then pour the wine in the pan and wait until it boils.
  2. Add the very finely cut or grated cheese. With a wooden spoon, keep stirring until the mixture boils again and is very smooth.
  3.  Add pepper, salt and nutmeg and keep stirring.
  4.  Prepare the cornstarch with cold water and add this to the boiling mixture, stirring vigorously.
  5. Set the temperature low. When you pull out the spatula, the fondue should feel supple and form threads.
  6.  Then you can add the Kirsch and put the fondue pan on the lowest setting.
  7. Enjoy fondueing!


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