Crispy Roast Potatoes


large potatoes 1 kg
vegetable stock 1 l.
sprigs of chives 2
sprigs of parsley 2
sprigs of thyme 2
butter 25 g
cornflour 30 g
garlic powder 1/2 tsp
pepper 1/2 tsp
sea salt 1/2 tsp
Olive oil 2 tsp

How to make it:

1. Start by peeling and cutting the potatoes in to quarters. Soak in cold water for 10 minutes and then drain.
2. Add the potatoes to the inner pan of your Princess Multi AeroCooker with the vegetable stock, chives, parsley, thyme and butter. Secure the pressure plate and select the ‘Pressure Cook’ program. Let the potatoes cook for 7 minutes.
3. After 7 minutes, press the ‘Steam Release’ button. The steam release cycle takes 3 minutes to complete. Once all the steam is released, the lid can be
safely opened.
4. After the pressure has been released, take out the inner pan using the handles and drain the potatoes.
5. Rinse and dry the inner pan and put it back in the Multi AeroCooker.
6. Put the potatoes in a bowl and mix in the olive oil. Then, add the garlic powder,
salt and pepper and stir together until the potatoes are fully covered.
7. Place the potatoes in the Aerofry basket, secure the Aerofry grate and close the lid. Select the ‘Aerofry’ program and roast for 18 minutes on 190°C.
8. Turn over the potatoes on the halfway mark using a spatula.
9. When the program is finished, serve the potatoes and enjoy!

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