Quail legs with tamarind glaze and fig chutney




10 min


15 min


quail legs 4 pair
olive oil 40 ml
salt and pepper to taste
tamarind 100 gr
sugar 18 gr
pieces of pigs 10
brown sugar 30 gr
red wine 200 ml
butter gr


For quail legs:

1.Marinate the legs in olive oil, salt and pepper.

For tamarind glaze:

1.Add the tamarind and sugar together in a pan.

2.Cook it on a low heat and keep stirring.

3.Pour in 50 ml of water and cook it until the tamarind and sugar combine together to give it a glazing consistency.

For fig compote:

1.Cook figs, brown sugar and red wine in a pan on medium heat until the red wine has been reduced to a syrup consistency and the figs are cooked through.

2.Add salt and pepper to taste.


4.Cook the legs in an oven at 180 degrees for 5 minutes.

5.Coat them with tamarind glaze on a bed of fig compote.

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