Salmon tartare




20 min


20 gr rucola
100 ml olive oil
1 fresh salmon tenderloin
200 gr smoked salmon filet
1 lemon
10 gr fresh chives
100 gr crème fraiche
50 gr spinach


  1. Put the olive oil together with the rucola in a cup and blend this to a smooth substance. After this cut the salmon in small blocks. Also, cut the lemon in half and squeeze it out.
  2. Cook 50 grams of spinach. When cooked, cut this in small pieces together with the chives. Take the salmon blocks, spinach, crème fraiche, half a spoon of lemon juice and mix this all.
  3. Take a ring to make the tartare. Put the ring on the plate and scoop ¼ of the mixture into the ring. Press the mixture with a spoon and take of the ring. Your tartare is done. It is also possible to take a small cup, fill the cup with salmon and then turn the cup upside down on the plate. Make sure to put some oil on the side of the cup so it slides off easily.
  4. Sprinkle the tartare with chives, olive oil and pepper and your salmon tartare is ready.

Bon appetit and enjoy your salmon tartare!

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