Tomato bruschetta


1 baguette
5 tomatoes
1 clove of garlic
Fresh basil leaves
Olive oil


  1. Start with removing the skin from the tomato. Fill a bowl with hot water, cut a cross on the bottom of the tomatoes, put the tomatoes in the water for one minute and finally rinse with cold water. Now it should be easy to remove the skin.
  2. Cut the aquous portion with the seeds out and cut the tomato in small blocks. Then put these in a bowl with olive oil.
  3. Cut the basil and mix this with the tomatoes, add some salt and pepper for a good taste.
  4. Cut the baguette in pieces and put olive oil on both sides of each piece. Bake these till they are crispy in an oven or grilling pan.
  5. Smear the pieces with a skinless clove of garlic and then put on the tomatoes. Garnish with some basil leaves.

The tomato bruschetta is ready, bon appetit!

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