Smart Aerofryer

NEW! Smartphone-controlled Aerofryer.

Cooking while you are watching a series and receiving notifications when your dish is ready, it is possible with the Princess Smart Aerofryer. Princess launches the first smartphone-controlled Aerofryer. It sounds to good to be true, but you can control this Aerofryer from a distance and automatically upload settings from this recipe website.

The app, named “Homewizard Kitchen”, makes it possible to set temperature and time or gives you the option to select one of the preset programs. Are you planning to cook a recipe from this website? Just click the cook now button and the settings will automatically be adjusted on the Aerofryer.

Do you have favourite dishes that you cook on regular basis? You have the option to create and save two personal preset programs for preparing favourite dishes quickly and always with the perfect settings.

The Aerofryer has a capacity of 4.5 L, so you’ll be able to bake larger portions at once. Baking, grilling and roasting, it’s all possible with the Smart Aerofryer. Extra healthy since no oil is needed for preparing the dishes.

Next to all the different programs there is more. This Aerofryer also offers the option to directly upload recipes from this website to your Aerofryer. After clicking the button “Cook now”, only shown on the website’s mobile view, the settings needed for the recipe will be programmed automatically.

Have you become curious about the Smart Aerofryer?